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The house is a restored former farmhouse sunny southwest. The detached house has a rambling terraced garden and is situated on the edge of a small and quiet hamlet (Roggio). The sea (sandy beaches near Andora and Alassio) is only 12 km away. The drive leads up to the house, the parking is 30 meters away, and a bus stop is only 100 meters away.

The house is idyllic and quiet, ideal for children, beach at a distance of 15 minutes by car and just under 30 minutes by bicycle. Olive oil is available directly from the farmers. The house was carefully restored perserving wherever possible the old structural elements. Only environment-friendly and low-emission materials were used which makes the house suitable for those suffering from allergies.

The house is equipped with solar energy devices to provide hot water. Heating consists of a central wood stove with attached radiators. Additionally each apartment has its own fireplace. In the house there are

The main building consists of four flats of different sizes. The Casa della Strega, situated close to our main building, is a detached two-story house. In the garden we provide our circus-wagon Pippistrello, equipped as apartment with all necessary facilities.

All flats come with separate balcony or terrace.

6 bathrooms, 11 sleeping rooms, additional 4 daybeds and the spacious garden make the big building a perfect place for group travels.
If required a big round-tent (geodesic dome) can be installed which provides 37 square meters for group meetings, seminars, lectures etc.

Apartment Topo

Apartment Piccolo

Apartment Gatto

Apartment Angelo

Apartment Pippistrello